Space Marshals 3 is a science fiction adventure game. He basically ended up in the deadliest crime star ever. You must become a spy in the area to eliminate these criminals. In this sport, players can try to enter their own workforce and maintain world peace in their own way in this word

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MOD APK version of Space Marshals 3

  • Unlock the mission
  • Unlock the device
  • Unlimited ammo

Travel to space and find his friend

Space Marshals 3 has a deep history to explore. However, you can play without prior knowledge or experience. I have already mentioned the background of the game, depending on the events you want to find and save your friend – Dixon in your galaxy. In the process, you come into contact with many criminal causes. The system gives you a weapon so you can protect yourself on your first mission. Of course, during the game you can pick up new weapons and equipment. They are scattered in different areas of the base. river monster apk

The content of Space Marshals 3 is divided into 12 chapters. However, they are sold in stores and you have to pay to play. Pixelbite offers several levels to play. You can experiment and decide to buy everything later.