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Online QuranTutors Academy offers the best online Quran teachers for children and people of all ages. We have Quran teachers, male and female, who teach Islamic education to all Muslims. The Quran looks at all aspects of life. It is necessary to pass on the teachings of Islam from generation to generation. online quran It is the parents’ responsibility to find a reliable Quran teacher for the child. To do this, we have a professional, practical and timely team of Quran teachers. The online Quran Academy selects the best Quran teachers after in-depth interviews and demonstration courses. This comprehensive process brings in the best Quran teachers to provide the best service. This online learning platform is suitable for people of all ages, schoolchildren, office workers, etc.

Proficient Quran Tutors Online

The teaching of the Quran never compromises the quality of teachers. We believe that if the teacher is unqualified, the student will never be able to learn effectively. Wasting parents’ money, wasting children’s precious time. In order to ensure the safety of funds and time, we have taken every step. Just make sure to assign high-quality teachers to our students. Therefore, we only hire certified teachers who are experts in their respective fields.

Our Online Quran Teachers Are Matchless In Terms Of Qualities:

  • Our qualified Quran teacher graduated from the Egyptian Islamic Academy, including Al-Azhar University, Medina Islamic University, etc.
  • They also have Ijazah certificates. Our experienced Quran teachers have in-depth knowledge of Tajweed and Tarteel rules and can help students recite the Quran fluently.
  • Our dedicated teachers are Hafiz-e-Quran, Qaari and Alim, who have a broad knowledge of Islam.
  • They have strong analytical skills and can analyze a topic from several aspects. The friendly and kind teachers of the Quran use subtle language to arouse students’ interest.
  • They use modern teaching methods to effectively teach courses. Through the courses of individual online courses, we will focus on individual students by analyzing their gaps and weaknesses.
  • Teachers discover students’ potential and design effective teaching methods based on students’ psychological abilities.

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We use Skype to teach the Quran online for students of all ages. However, our online Quran learning tool can also use video and audio in your browser. Just log in to your account and start learning the Quran. We use enhanced learning modules, including streaming audio and video sessions, text chat, and the use of whiteboards to effectively teach students.

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Students can even record lectures and play these lectures to strengthen their lectures. Our experienced Quran teachers can teach Quran in your mother tongue (including English, Urdu and Arabic). Our staff also includes a Quran teacher to teach our Muslim sisters and daughters. Girls can ask the teacher questions to improve their understanding of Islam.

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Since we offer individual courses to students, there is no possibility of physical violence or verbal abuse. Even parents can monitor their children while learning Quran lessons online. We arrange monthly reviews and exams so that children can learn Quran fluently. Our professional teachers will inform parents of their children’s progress.

How Does It Work?

We provide Quran course via Zoom or Skype. In this way, screen sharing becomes possible and communication becomes much easier. Everything is also broadcast live Our excellent teachers use the screen sharing option to share the page to perform the task. In this way, the live courses of our online Quran Academy are more practical and interactive. You can choose the course flexibly. This means; you can have your own class time, day of the week, preferred language and the teacher you want to learn from Our online college provides teachers for female students. In addition, we have English, Pashto, Urdu and Arabic teachers. Therefore, you can easily learn online from our academy, which is fun for both children and adults. If you are confused about admission, you can try our trial course.

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