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online-quran-academy of the Quran “Quran” is the eternal miracle of Allah. The last “Almighty God” is sent to humanity with complete guidance through the last prophet Muhammad PBUH (Peace to Him).
Dividing the Quran:
The Quran is divided into 30 separate parts called JUZ in Arabic. There are 114 episodes of varying duration. The longest chapter of the Quran is the 286 verses dedicated to AL-BAQARAH, while the shortest chapter of the Quran is AL-KASUR of only three verses.quran academy The complete quran has a total of 6,236 verses, including 540 RUKUS and 7 MANZILS. NABI (SAW) The part displayed before moving to Medina was called MAKKI, and the part sent immediately after migration was MADNI.

 Learn Quran in the online Quran academy.

Online Quran Academy is an amazing service that teaches the Quran online, so that new Muslims and children from all over the world can learn the Quran online with TAJWEED comfortably at home. We welcome all students who are interested in studying the Bible. Online “Quran” college courses include NURANI al Qaeda, “Quran” recitation (NAZRA), “Quran” recitation, prayer, translation, six KALIMAS prayers learn quran online
You can learn the Quran  from our experienced, skilled, talented and loyal male and female teachers with just a few clicks. Our Quran teacher teaches the Quran around the clock (7 days a week, 24 hours a day). Click here for a free 3-day trial. In Shah Allah, you and your child can quickly start learning the Quran.

Why should you join our Online Quran Academy?

Every Muslim is responsible for living according to the Qur’an and the laws of SUNNAH. If done
The payoff is huge.
The Quran is a sacred word that contains the fundamental secrets of this universe and the world here. For Muslims, online quran school learning the Qur’an is compulsory and at the same time a moral imperative, so both men and women have the ability to know and live by all the instructions of Almighty God. People should take time to study this Bible (Quran). Here, our online “Quran Academy” welcomes you to start this noble action and be rewarded for the best through our online “Quran Master” program. Here’s the plan:
 Introduction to reading the laws in the Bible
Help translate and read the Quran
 Lectures on the basic principles of Islam and issues related to daily life.
 Help to read the Quran

Is Online Quran Academy the best place for children, Holy Quran reciting?


The best place to study the Quran at the online Quran Academy is always the local mosque. Because children learn Islam and communicate with other children.quran learning school

This keeps people’s memory fresh and helps preserve the results of Islamic studies. We believe this is more important than simply learning. The purpose of our online Quran Academy is to help you understand and practice Islam as applicable knowledge. We believe once again that sacred knowledge is purely deliberate to do AMAL. Allah Almighty are exactly these actions. We need holy knowledge (peace be upon him) to enable us to comply with the actions that Almighty God has determined through His Holy Prophet Muhammad. This is SUNNAT; After acquiring the knowledge of the Qur’an, we have a responsibility to teach the sacred knowledge and pass it on to others through examples. Advantages of Leaning Holy Quran Online: Saves time online Quran academy in pakistan Very affordable and useful Global learning  100% interaction between teacher and student  Knowledge of modern technology  Student-centered classroom Do you want all the above benefits and advantages? We are one of the best online Quran Academy service providers. Our online “Quran” teacher can use multiple languages ​​for you and your children to read and remember the “Quran” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you want to learn to read the “Bible” or are looking for a good online “Koran” school for your child, join a three-day trial period!