learn noorani Qaida online

learn norani qaida online Since many Arabic letters are pronounced differently from other languages, it is important to understand these differences in order to be able to recite the Quran with Tajweed) correctly. Noorani Qaeda plays an important role in learning the Quran as it helps beginners in learning the Qur’an with the help of Tajweed. Those who learn Noorani Qaeda before reciting the Qur’an will find it easier to learn Tajweed and be able to recite the Quran more fluently than others.
online Quran teacher Noorani Qaida’s “Skillful Qur’an” course allows users to learn Noorani Qaida online online Quran academy with the most talented Qur’an teachers online. In addition, Noorani Qaida training includes the following services:

Online Noorani Qaida 

Noorani Qaida is an important course that our creative educators can profit from. It is about learning the Arabic alphabet before starting the Quran. Our detailed Noorani Qaida online courses for children and adults are taught by our well-trained and experienced Noorani Qaida online trainers. This is the basic step for beginners to analyze the Quran, laying a solid foundation. If you do not master this introductory course, you will not be able to recite the Quran fluently. It starts with the basic Arabic alphabet, then enters word creation, and emphasizes poetry creation in the following courses.
The Quran is inspired in Arabic. Each language has its own set of letters, symbols, rules and regulations. The same is true for Arabic. In order to study the Quran, it is extremely important to be familiar with the Arabic alphabet.

Best Noorani Qaida tutors to teach Qaida professionally:

Hidayah Network is committed to providing very talented tutors for teaching the Quran online.

1- They obtained the Ijazahs qualification from the best Islamic college in Egypt: Al-Azhar University.

2- All our Noorani Qaida tutors are indigenous Arabs. In addition, we only hire Quran teachers who can speak fluent English.

3- Qaida for Beginners is easy, thanks to these well-trained teachers, who apply innovative strategies and techniques in their teaching.

4- Our teacher uses the 3D version of the mouth image to accurately guide the pronunciation of words and the correct pronunciation points.

5- They participated in seminars and obtained various diplomas in effective teaching skills from different institutions, which distinguished them from other teachers.

We assure you that you will not regret letting you and your child participate in our Noorani Qaida course.

What Noorani Qaida is?

Noorani Qaida is a small booklet for children that helps a lot to make the translation of the Quran more rhythmic. Noorani Al Qaida’s educational program makes corrections in the pronunciation of Qur’anic words. For non-Arabs, it will be helpful to learn Noorani al-Qaida to do the Qur’anic pronunciation as Arabic.

Noorani Qaida contains approximately 12 small chapters. Each class has different exercises for children. After learning all the chapters of Noorani Qaida, we move on to the first paragraph of the Quran.


If you live in a European country, you may not have heard of the name Noorani Al Qaida. Noorani Qaida has been conducting research in the Indian subcontinent for many years. Teaching Noorani Qaida is the first step in learning the Quran. Through learning, your children (including adults) will have an understanding of the pronunciation of the Quran. This is why our qualified, professional and professional teachers always start from the light of Al Qaeda.

Can I Recite Holy Quran After Learning Noorani Qaida?

Most of our students (mature people) believe that they can recite the Quran as long as they learn Noorani Qaida. This idea is wrong. Noorani Qaida Learning can only allow you to recognize the text of the Quran.
However, you can recite the Quran rhythmically after completing the entire “Quran and Taj Grass” course.