House of Quran

Muslims may find it difficult to spend much time in school reciting the Quran. Once upon a time, full-time professional help was needed to learn and recite the Quran every day. Okay, just calm down! The house of Quran was built to meet the needs of ordinary Muslims like us. This application has an innovative structure that helps you remember the Quran more effectively. It does not matter if you are a student, professional, athlete, entrepreneur, housewife or a combination of all of these.
The unique and productive memory technology and social dynamics of the Quran house allow us to reach our memory goals faster and faster, enjoy and learn more than previously imagined. I can do it.

Features of House of Quran

  1. One of the main functions of this app is to recite the Quran with a special word, they are also very suitable for learning tajweed and reading.
  2. The purpose of their development program is to simulate a living teacher as much as possible.
  3. Its effective function allows you to study with the chief or correct your reading.
  4. You can click on any word or verse to hear the correct pronunciation.
  5. Then you can repeat each word, verse, and choice multiple times, and pause between verses.
  6. Quran  audio function provides personal recording
  7. You will find translations of the Quran in English and other languages.
  8. If the order of your written words is incorrect, the system will prompt you to download and install the Quran font.
  9. You can select the surah you are interested in from the menu.

Memorize Quran Online

We remember the online Quran from the online Quran teacher. We have trained the best Ijazah certified teachers to assist you. Your child will remember the verses and verses of the Qur’an, insha’Allah. Our method is simple and normal. The best Quran teacher in Egypt will help you read and remember the Quran in a short time. We pay attention to new and learned parts at the same time to keep our memory strong. It is our responsibility as Muslims to read the Quran. Our Uma is responsible for keeping the scripture in the hearts of people in society. Once a Muslim has memorized Allah’s holy book, he is obliged to keep and remember it throughout his life.
That is why people should adapt every day and read the Qur’an regularly to any chief in order to stay stable if possible.
Online Quran teachers recognize that students can learn Quran online Quran academy at any level, from beginner to advanced. If you need help memorizing the Qur’an while pondering complex topics on your own, please don’t hesitate to try our online course.
Quran in memory. Your situation in this life will improve. We can help students read the Holy Quran online. We provide the best service to memorize the Holy Quran at home via internet. It is not difficult to read the Qur’an at home because we know how a student takes him to his destination sentence by sentence

Rules To Memorize Quran Online


Those who read the Qur’an should never go back to the last verses without memorizing the first part correctly. It helps to remember in all sentences to remember these verses correctly. 4You can also use it in middle sentences. In this way, it becomes easier to remember the Qur’an online.

2. Perfection:

People who recite the Quran should not read the last verse without correctly memorizing the first part. In order to memorize these verses correctly, it may be helpful to memorize them in all sentences. 4 It can also be used in nafila sentences. In this way, it will be easier to recite the Quran online.

4. Style t Memorizing Quran Online:

One of the things that helps you remember the Quran online is to have a copy (a specific version) and never change it. As we learn through visualization and listening, every time we read or read the Koran, the poems shown in the Koran come to minD

The goal of house of Quran

His ultimate goal is to support all Muslims in the world. The process of reading the words of Allah and understanding the Quran for all Muslims in the best way is easy for everyone. Want to be. They care about the quality and accuracy of the elements of a particular website. If you find a problem or error, or have suggestions for improvement, you can also choose to contact us.

How the Quran helps to refine our life

I am grateful that this wonderful book filled their lives with bright colors full of spiritual satisfaction. Muslims can learn about the Quran in many ways. If you are a busy mother or have no time to open the scriptures to learn or quote the Quran, don’t worry, you can download the Quran Home app to your mobile phone. Recite the Quran and learn the Quran every day. Take a small part of your time.

Ways how Quran improve our lives

Recite the Quran with the correct Tajwid and read the rules, which can comfort the soul, soothe the soul, and fill the family with blessings. It makes Allah feel familiar and relieves any pain or sorrow you may have due to its rapid decompression effect.
Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Al (may the Lord be pleased with him) speaks of the prophet (may the Lord be happy with him). Read and get up. Recite as you recited in your first lifetime (Dunia). Your ranking will be the last Aya (poem) you recite. [Abdaud and Attil Midi]

Listen attentively

Whether you’re listening to QUran’s readings and academic lectures explaining it, traveling by car, surfing the internet, or attending a live course at an academy or mosque, this is who it is. It’s the best way to look back when reading and explaining. At that point, you’ll notice that Koran is listening carefully. house of Quran This is where the Koran House will help you again.
Any student with knowledge of Islam will be happy to accept a sense of “high” enlightenment after the Quran course.

Reading Translation 

Reading the Quran is one of the most beautiful and peaceful pastimes that is passionately pursued by millions of people. What’s better than reading the Quran on more relaxing days? By understanding the Qur’an correctly, you can get more benefits from the Qur’an. Read their translation and comments in their entirety, also known as Tafsir. Know that exegesis can help you uncover the secrets of the Qur’an. It also reveals the hidden meaning of the words Aya and Sula.