The first word means purity. The second word is creed. The other three words are dhikr, supplication, prayer (in remembrance of God Almighty), and they teach the importance of worship and seeking forgiveness from God Almighty.first kalima tayyab

Some Muslims and new Muslims believe that all Muslims should read the Six Bitches, but this is not the case. Kalmas is not mentioned in any hadith, nor is it mentioned in any noble Qur’anic history. It is in your best interest to know the word ALA and understand what it means.

God willing, he will serve you by remembering the six climaxes (the first word (goodness), the second word (testimony), the third (glorification), the fourth word (Tawheed), the fifth word (I ask forgiveness), the sixth word (reject disbelief)) all your life if you can Find a way to recite it regularly. In this article we will introduce you to the first word called ok.

Islam has five pillars, and a good word or a word of witness to one of them. Yours is incomplete without the first pillar of Islam. Because this is the need or demand of karma to enter Islam. It makes a Muslim who he is and what he believes in. Then take all actions accordingly.
Beautiful words translated into English, a good word, there is no god but God; Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, is the Messenger of God.
The Shahada is a basic and basic need for every Muslim, quoting the Prophet Muhammad (may God bless him and grant him peace): “I am commanded to fight people until they prove that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God.”
This phrase underscores the fact that both parts of Kalmar are an important part of the Islamic faith. first kalima tayyab

Power Of Kalima Recite

How long will you keep your horses from looking for me when they bring you to me? When they arrived at the palace, they saw a beautiful woman bound with iron chains. you asked me. Please help me out of my madness. I suggested him to read the first karma. Look at the gracious force. She replied that I cannot read karma.

Then I taught him that when he recited Calimar’s power, the chains immediately broke and she fell. The king was shocked to see the karmic strength. He said how successful you are as a therapist! I answer; If you must read these powerful words. You will be freed from infidelity. Before my invitation and obeyed Islam.

As the king’s followers noted the grace and strength of karma, they also converted to Islam. (Book of Nuzhat al-Majalis) It should be noted whether non-believers benefit from the recitation of the Kalima. So why not take advantage of the Kalimas?

 Power Of Kalima Different Languages

Word power is available in several languages,  word books and PDF. Whether we are reading or listening to it in Arabic, Urdu, English, Romanian, Hindi, audio, video or any other language. Most of the time people download Kalima book or listen to Kalimas audios or watch their videos from different Islamic websites.

Most people are looking for the pronunciation of a word, and some people don’t even know what a word is. For easier pronunciation, there are 6 Kalima available on our spiritual network

We have witnessed all the wonders of the great word. Now we invite everyone to recite or recite 6 kalima. Pray regularly, then send your prayers to God, and your prayers will surely be answered quickly. You will have everything you need.

Strengthening Your Belief

A good word is the key to Islam and carries the basic essence of Islam. So, if you read it again and again and affirm the unity of God and the Seal of Prophethood muhammad (peace be upon him), it will strengthen your belief in Islam. If something keeps you away from Islam, a kind word will make your belief in Islam stronger.
If God has given you the privilege to be born into a Muslim family, there is nothing in the world more important than maintaining your faith.
So make sure you don’t let a kind word leave your side for the rest of your life. Remembering and retaining words should be a constant part of your daily life. Because success, in this world and the next, is about this true faith.dua for success