Before you start praying to God for success, it’s best to know what you’re asking. dua for success It helps to be specific.
So, before moving on to answer the following question, what is success for you?

Everyone has their own “do it” idea, so everyone will be different, but take the time to experiment and find out what your success looks like.

Most people find it hard to answer because they haven’t really thought about it. How you ask for help or have a conflict with something you didn’t specify exactly.

It’s like a ship on a voyage with no destination specified on the map. They just want to go with the flow and go where the tide takes them.

Success is more than wealth or fame, these answers are superficial and are society’s perceptions. What about creative freedom, the opportunity to work toward an important goal or pursuit, or the ability to enjoy time with your family?dua for success

An abstract topic like success cannot be properly defined, it varies by individual and the core values ​​associated with that individual. For a person, having a pot of money is his vision of success, which may not be very attractive to you.

What I’m trying to say is, what you want, you have to ask yourself why you want to achieve it, and if you realize it, then come up with a plan to reverse engineer how to achieve it. Then do the necessary work to make the sacrifice easier.

Once you know what you want, whether it’s success at work or in exams, prepare everything necessary and don’t let ignorance be the cause of your failure. Then ask Almighty God, because without his will nothing can happen. Trust the process with patience and consistency. Whether the result is building the next billion business or passing the test with distinction is beyond your control. It depends on God.


Translation: The rabbi explained my chest to me and let me walk my life
Translation: “My Lord, open my chest (give me confidence, contentment and courage); make my task easier;” Surah Taha 25-26


Learn what you learn. If you don’t have anyone teaching the class, you’re pretending to be teaching a class. Don’t just look at the PowerPoint pictures, use your memory to see if you can articulate what you just learned. When you speak out loud, you are 50% more likely to remember something. You want to know if you are articulating your thoughts. If you find this difficult, you probably don’t know the material as well as you think, and it’s good to know so you can review it.

Don’t deceive yourself. Sometimes it’s a way to trick yourself into reading a text or solving the same math problem over and over. Just because you sound familiar, doesn’t mean you really understand the concept. Reading text can make you feel comfortable because you have already read it. Again, the best way to check your understanding is to practice new questions, or see if you can teach what you’ve learned.

Knowing yourself. Find out how to learn better and get the most out of it. Do you study best in the morning or evening, in groups or alone, through lectures or through textbooks? Try implementing new study strategies, notes, signs, waiting cards and mind maps to see which one works best for you.

Finally, take comfort in knowing that the struggles of this world are only temporary. It seems like the most important thing right now, but over time you’ll look back and realize how trivial it was. Nothing spoils you, we often exaggerate proportions. We suffer more in our imaginations than we suffer in reality. Feeling tired can hinder your performance.


The best way to be successful and blessed in business is kindness.

Sometimes people start for the wrong reasons. They only think about themselves and their wealth. This is selfish and not what leads to business success. You must ensure that your actions are aimed at pleasing God Almighty.

The goal of a business is to try to help as many people as possible and to charge them fairly based on the services they provide. The more people you can help, the more value you provide, and the more you can take care of yourself.

Verses 29-30 of the Qur’an say:

“Those who have read the book of God and established prayers and [for Him] use what we have given them both secretly and publicly, [can] expect from it benefits that will never cease to be given to them. In all their…he His generosity rewarded and increased them. He was truly forgiving and grateful.”

The Quran also shares wonderful lessons on economic and business success.

“Woe to those who give less [than they owe], when they measure people, they get satisfaction. But if they give by measure or by weight, they lose. You don’t think they’re going to rise again. ?” Surah Al-Mutaffin Verses 1-4

Companies that fail are those that “measure people and take everyone away” but when they deliver, they “measure by weight.” What the Qur’an tells us is that companies that try to eat all their flesh and blood cannot survive.

You personally don’t go back to the business you thought was being exploited. This simple concept is often overlooked by entrepreneurs because they do so primarily out of a need for money and freedom. Not solving problems should be the main purpose of the company.

Profit and freedom are a by-product that belongs only to those who best serve their audience. This lack of understanding is a big factor in explaining the statistic that 80% of businesses fail within the first five years. Maximizing market value while maintaining profitability and competitiveness is a challenging task.


There is no real prayer that will allow us to succeed at work. It looks like a lot of stuff was made without an authentic source. Instead, use the same duas we’ve already covered for success. Seeking helpful knowledge from God leads to success at work

List of tips that can help you succeed at work:

Never outwit your superiors It may seem counterintuitive, but you should always make them feel comfortable. In his quest to showcase his talents, he may arouse jealousy, fear and be seen as a threat. I witnessed this first, my dad had a strong immigrant mentality in his new job and he worked harder than anyone. His intentions were good, but he made his surroundings feel insecure and hostile to him. It’s unfortunate, but the office policy is real and people’s insecurities must be dealt with and careful. Try to make others look better than you and they will guide you along the way.
Don’t complain or indulge in office gossip. Slander is considered a serious sin in Islam, and the Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, warned against it. Sometimes clicks form in the workplace and people gossip to pass the time. Stay away from this behavior, it is not beneficial to get rid of it, and it is forbidden in Islam. In Surah Al-Hujurat verse 12 of the Qur’an: “O believers, avoid many [negative] assumptions. Indeed, any assumption is sin. Do not pry, and do not curse each other. Any of you think Want to eat meat? For your brother who died – hate him and fear God, God accepts repentance and is merciful.”
Be professional. The workplace is a serious place, please, but don’t bring your jokes. When all work is called work, it is not called play. Your work is reliable and trustworthy. If you can prove your boss should have no reason not to keep you.
Invest in yourself. There’s a good saying here, “Work more than yourself.” They pay you to add value to the market, and in order to be financially successful, you need to become more valuable. If you lose your job, you invest in yourself and no one can take it from you. Praising Allah