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Aqidah is the most important foundation of Islam. Islamic beliefs are based on the Qur’an and hadiths. Aqidah comes from the word “al-aqdu”, which means union or bond. Aqidah is defined as a firm believer in Allah SWT without hesitation or doubt. In a word, he firmly believes in what the Prophet Muhammad SAW has to offer and pride cannot be broken in any way. The essence of the Islamic aqidah is faith in Allah, faith in angels, faith in Kitab, faith in the prophets, faith in the resurrection and events of Qiyama, faith in Qada ‘and Qadar. Aqidah is also called usuluddin light. According to Hasan Al Bana, aqidah is something one must believe in without hesitation. Aqeedah is important in our lives becauseKeep our faith in the existence of Alatara, in the creation of the universe within us, and in the knowledge that false teaching can corrupt and damage Iman. As Muslims, we should be aware of the importance of aqidah in our daily life. In verse 9 of the surah al-Hijr Al-Quran, Muslims must believe that Islam is the only religion accepted by Allah. Aqidah can also symbolize a human character. There are many ways to strengthen Muslim youth aqidah today. Aqidah Islam is a basic requirement for being a believer and a legal requirement for all of our immigrants. To have righteous faith, we must understand and study Allah’s attributes, Allah’s will and hatred. Aqeedah is important to all Muslims, no matter what age we are. We need to know more about aqidah as it can also influence our behavior and know the meaning of the Islamic aqidah. There are many ways to strengthen Muslim youth aqidah today.

Principles of ‘Aqidah

The principles of faith are what God commands us to believe, as it says in the verse:

So the Messenger believed what his Lord had sent, and they (the believers) believed so that all might believe in God, his angels, his books, and his messengers. They said: We do not distinguish between one and the other is the messenger. They said: We hear and we obey. (We pray) your forgiveness, our Lord, you have returned (Al-Baqarah 2:285).
As the Prophet, may God bless him and give him peace, defined in the famous hadith, how Gabriel came and asked him about Islam and things like that: “Faith believes in God, his angel, I am his book, the I meet him on the supreme day and his messenger and on the day of resurrection.”
In Islam, creed refers to what is known from the Qur’an and the reliable hadith that Muslims must believe in their hearts in order to acknowledge the sincerity of God and His Messenger.
God knows.

Importance of ‘Aqidah

Hadith is ready. It does not need much explanation. The Prophet applied this principle to his practical call to Islam. He lived in Maccah for thirteen years and taught the whole city, during which time he taught his peers and corrected the faith of the city. This is the growth model for young people.

Jundub ibn ‘Abdullah al-Bajaly said, “We study iman (religion), then we study the Qur’an and increase our iman.”

‘Abdullah ibn’ Umar said: “We live in a time when one of us has faith for the first time before accepting the Qur’an and when things are revealed we will know what they allow, what they forbid and what they forbid and what.and what to do against them But I have seen many who received the Qur’an from them before Iman, read it from end to end, but did not know what “the commandment was, what was forbidden. What position should it have? It’s like a man starting a conversation [.i. he gets no success from his game]. ”

This is what the Prophet taught his companions: first Iman, then the Quran. This is similar to what Al-Imam Abu Hanifah revealed; understand religion first, then science (ie sharia law). Faith must first be correct, followed by all other forms of religion.

If a person says “aqadtu lea-ma-lea”, his heart is on this ma-lea. Hence, according to Islamic scholars, aqidah o’itiqad is the firm belief to which the heart undoubtedly adheres. There are no comments, doubts or doubts.

Al-Imam Abu Hanifah referred to this wonderful subject as Al-Fiqh al-Akbar (“The Great Light”) and the Light of Religion. He asked for the sharing of knowledge of science. Most Islamic scholars use the word tawhid in all matters that one should believe in. This is because the most important of these tawhid-related questions is pivotal in the sentence: “No one should be worshiped except Allah”.

According to them, the tawhid can be divided into two categories: the tawhid of knowledge and identity and the tawhid of mind and action.

The tawheed of knowledge and affirmation is the tawheed of the One Creator and the tawheed of His Names and Attributes [that is, He is unique in that He is one created and exists in His own. Its names and meanings]. Tawhid is the mind and act of tawhid to his Lord or not worshiping anyone except Allah [He alone must be worshiped].

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