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online Quran teacher started working as an online organization of the Quran Academy in 2011 to teach the Quran. For those who are involved in the Quran and holy education, this is the main online Islamic hub for learning the Quran.of nce courses. We also have an extensive Islamic program. Online Quran Academy Our unique online learning tools help deliver all courses. Our educational method is a combination of traditional methods and modern methods. We are innovative, which is why we teach online and bring you the best learning practices. We provide online learning Quran teaching services for students living in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and other countries / regions.These students are under the supervision of competent and experienced teachers.



Online Quran Center is a one-stop online Quran MADRASAH. The Institute offers courses for all Muslims around the world. For those who do not have educational institutions in this area, we are the best platform. Our plan is to give Muslims the opportunity to study the best Bible. We teach you how to speak correctly Online Quran Center The Importance of Quran Study From God’s initial revelation, you can understand the general meaning of study, especially the importance of the scriptures.
We have a dynamic plan. We use practical teaching methods so that students can learn quickly and effectively. We believe that students’ learning pace will be different. Some students learn very fast while others learn slowly. For this reason, our instructors teach according to the learning development of the students. We provide more teacher-student interaction for teaching.
The Quran is the language of the arabic and holds the secrets of this world and the next world. We warmly welcome a wide variety of Muslims, especially those among Westerners, to take the first step to study God’s Book. When you read, understand or memorize the Holy Scriptures or the Qur’an, concentration is serious business. Our teachers have enough capacity to keep you alert and focused during the lesson. Our teacher asks questions to students so they know what they are studying or studying. We are better than the local madrasa because we are more reliable and more specialized. Our online courses are excellent. So start your Quran education with us. But be sure to start with commitment and determination.
If you want to find the best place to study at a reasonable price, we are the right choice. We charge the lowest reasonable rates for students from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia and other countries. The reason we are so cheap is that we want to spread the learning content of the Quran to the world where Muslims live. We hope to spread this knowledge to every corner of the world through our online platform for learning the Quran. That’s why we welcome all low-paying students. Our service is within your budget.

QURAN CENTER is launching an online Quran Academy which will be moved to special courses on the Bible and ancient studies on the subject. We are determined to open new avenues for the advancement of distance education and Islamic culture. The main purpose of the university is to enable Muslims to learn the Quran online and to create a holy future for the next generation.
We allow you to teach the scriptures and religion at home. We have highly qualified Skype Quran teachers anytime, anywhere

We pride ourselves on getting the cheapest rates from students. We have Quran teachers, women and men, resourceful, educated and kind. We offer courses for boys, girls and boys. Encourage sisters, boys and girls to use female parents.
We offer students the opportunity to study the Bible in a convenient and timely manner. Compared to other online universities, we are known for our robustness and adaptability.

We give all courses on Skype. If you want to learn the correct pronunciation, translation or commentary, we can provide private tutoring services for young people and adults of all ages.
ce.We will teach you very well and you will love going to school. All of our teachers have the skills and experience to teach via Skype. We not only teach the Quran, but we also teach each of our students. It is not difficult to join us. All you have need computer or mobile

How to Read the Quran with Tajweed For Busy People.

The rules of Arabic, action (vowels) and tajweed (Qawaid) are creatively created to shorten the training time of busy people. Furthermore, the use of logical techniques can simplify profound concepts. Would you like to get all the benefits and rewards mentioned above? We are one of the best Quran Academy service providers on the Internet. Our online “Quran” teacher will provide 24/7 multilingual versions for you and your children to read and read the “Quran”. If you want to learn how to read the Bible or are looking for high quality Kari online for your kids, join us for a three day trial!

What Services Do We offer?

Quran Center (Quran academy) is an online Quran teaching institution suitable for those who want to learn the Quran but can’t find a reliable teacher. Developed in 2011, IQRA QURAN CENTER is an online Quran course for teaching and spreading knowledge of the Quran among Muslims. This online course for learning the Quran has become a leading Islamic online center suitable for those who truly and sincerely want to participate in the holy education of the Quran. As an online Islamic university, we always like to recruit Quran teachers with their qualifications and teaching methods.

However, these factors we provide in our services include:

  • We provide remote online course services to facilitate learning the Quran.
  • We also offer you a complete system of Islamic Studies curriculum in the form of online university courses.
  • So students can now take full advantage of our free online college courses and get better grades during the semester.
  • We strive to provide the best and most useful online courses and unique learning tools to help you deliver each course.
  • We also provide the best educational methods system where you will get the traditional and modern methods of the Quran course.
  • Thanks to our free online course system, everyone can learn freely through our university.
  • As learning the Quran online is the basic need of all Muslims in the world, we focus on providing the brothers with the most innovative possibilities to read the Quran online so that they can use the best learning apps.
  • We also teach you the possibility of using tajwid to reproduce the Quran.
  • Muslims can learn the Quran’s Tajid Law to sit in their seat and be professional.
  • We know the importance of following the rules correctly and learning the German Taji Quran, so we only recruit highly qualified teachers in online academies.
  • We also provide you with Quran tajweed service study and implementation and guidance and use them as a guide for all students who may live in the US, Australia, UK, Canada and other foreign regions.

Why Choose Us?


We are the best and most trusted resource in this online world where people can learn Quran for adults and practice more with reliable and qualified teachers. Do you have questions on how to learn the Quran online? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.




Basic Teaching of Islam – islamia Quran Center

May Allah bless the Muslims who have the most beautiful and peaceful religion: Islam, the Holy Naah and the Quran are here to teach us to spread the message of peace in the world and remain united. However, regarding Islamic knowledge, Allah sent us the holy book “Quran” which is very important for all Muslims to learn and practice the words of the book. However, for Muslims living abroad, this is not easy, because they cannot find the best teachers, because these Muslims have sufficient knowledge to convey the message of the Koran to them. This is why “Ikra Quran Center” organizes an online school for Quran teachers for users. People from all over the world can learn and practice the Quran in the following ways.Master of the Koran. Iqra Quran Center offers you Quran lessons online so that people can easily learn Quran online. However, now with the help of Iqra Quran Center, learning Quran online has become very easy as we provide you with qualified teachers and staff who will somehow guide you online and teach you how to read Quran in school at a convenient time. However, you may never find the racial concept of Islam. Religion always shows us that we are blessed by God in different ways. Therefore, reading the Quran online for free is the most satisfying time for all Muslims who cannot find a home teacher to practice the Quran.

Our Vision

The “Quran” online center was developed primarily as an international online academy for reading the Quran. Your agenda is designed to give you the best guidance on the correct rules for reading the Quran. Quran Academy Online Quran Reading will provide you with different courses and levels of all Muslims in the world. We have no age or gender restrictions; Our aim is to spread real Quran learning opportunities to people who still can’t find their permanent teachers at home. Therefore, with our ability to read the Quran in English, people can learn and understand the knowledge of the Quran that God has given to our advantage.

Some of the main purposes behind our online Quran training are as follows:

  • For those who cannot find the application and learn to read Quran in your area, this is the ideal platform for free Quran education.
  • Our professional and highly qualified teachers will teach you the correct accent to read the Quran.
  • Let’s use some unique and simple practical methods to make it easy for people to learn the Quran.

our mission

The Quran Islamic Learning Center online understands the importance of the Quran and also with the help of our online Quran study we know how important it is for Muslims to learn and practice the Quran.

  • We provide the Quran rating system by Skype.
  • We have also prepared a separate online course “Quran” for children to learn faster in a suitable environment.
  • Through our online platform, people will be able to learn the Quran word for word.
  • We make learning the Quran online easier and more effective for people around the world.
  • We offer people the best way to learn how to read the Quran using the appropriate Tajivit method.
    However, the Islamic Quran Center also gives us the opportunity to use our platform especially for children to learn the Quran.